July 30 is Don't Be A Duck Day!

Did you know?

July 29 is Don't Be A Dick Day, started by Wil Wheaton. For more information, visit dontbeadickday.com.

Did you also know?

While ducks are generally monogamous, their bonds generally only last for a year. Therefore, duck divorce lawyers are in high demand.
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The Official Don't Be A Duck Day FAQ

How do I celebrate Don't Be A Duck Day?
Whatever you do, don't be a duck!
What's wrong with being a duck?
Have you seen Howard the Duck? Enough said.
What about taking pictures of myself making a "duck face"? Is that okay?
No! Never! Really, you look terrible when you do that!
How do I know if I'm being a duck?
Refer to this simple chart, which has been created ripped off at great time and expense: